Friday, December 6, 2013

Asking for help - The Introvert Entrepreneur

"I've been struggling with a few tech issues as I migrate to a new laptop. Finally yesterday, I reached out for help. The problem is partially fixed, but now another one has popped up. I was thinking about it driving home and thought for a minute I had a solution. Then I could cancel the support ticket and do it myself! But then I stopped that silly notion and said out loud "let someone help you. You don't have to do it by yourself!!"

It's such an important thing to remember. It takes a lot of energy to involve someone in our process, so we introverts might be do-it-yourselfers far beyond what is sane. See asking for help as a way to shift your energy to other things. Let the helper(s) share the burden; people who like to help are most often happy you reached out (especially if that's how they make their living!  ).

Do have any difficulty asking for help? How do you handle it?"

 - The Introvert Entrepreneur 

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